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Let's share a message of love with our sisters and brothers in Kashmir. You can upload your picture or send in your video or simply write your personal message.
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Messages Of Love #DilSeKashmir



The more I feel you the more I get you "Nature"

Vicky singh

Love this touching initiative for our beautiful Kashmir. Keep doing good efforts dear Mahesh Gupta ji

Jagat Mohan Aggarwal



Crown of mother India...Kashmir....we love you

Piyush Pratap Singh

I was watching some stuff on youtube n i saw this add im from kashmir n i luv this effort thanks alot


Kashmir is India and India is Kashmir


A beautiful place with lovely people.Should remain like that always.Beautiful and peaceful


Kashmiri pandit are the heart of India, can u imagine to live without. Heart, I love Kashmir, pl save over heart to long live India

Ashok Sharma

Visited Kashmir sometime back, it is the most beautiful place on earth, I will come back soon and live with them and be one of them. I miss Kashmir

Jameela Kapasi

I love to be in Kashmir and feel proud that Kashmir is a part of India .

saroj kumar

I love U kashmir.... Kashmir is our pride

Bidhan Chandra Roy

I love Kashmir No words to describe beauty of Kashmir & Kashmiryat

Ranvir singh

Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast. If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here.

Devansh Mehrotra

I wish every body should love Kashmir because this soil is only for those who for those who makes others happy with their smile

Waseem. Lone

Long live bravery of KPs who are holding fort of secularism and Indian-ness in valley !!


Let's join Hands together to make Kashmir Heaven again

Anmol Bhat

#Dil se Kashmir .. may we all believe in brotherhood & love

Nidhi Baweja

My precious memories

Vikas bhagat

Hope you find peace you have always been looking for. Blood must not stain the beauty of Kashmir. Hope Kashmir has place for everyone. We love U All!!


I Love Kashmir


I love Kashmir dil se brother and sisters

Shivputra shinde

We love you a lot. As you protect us from enemies. And we support you everyway


Hindus and muslims can be perfect friends ,can we volunteer and end religious intolerance from both sides

Mohd younis

First of endeavours of this kind feeling good but status quo must be ended ,its high time #Dil se kashmir

Mohd younis

I love my kashmir

Peerzada danish maqbool

Lots of love #dilsekashmir ♥️

Bhawna Arora

Well initiative...felling proud #proudmomentfor_all of us living in kmr #proudindian


I wish i spend one month living there with these beautiful people and with this beautiful nature. Love from Lucknow.


To brothers,sistersand elders.Apna dhyan rkhein. Hum ekdin sari buraiyon ko jeet lengebas bhrosa rkhein.aapko bahut sara pyar.Hum sab ek hain.JaiHind


Country is nothing but people, conceived in a specific piece of land .It is as good as we are and just like us it has it's weakness.But its the mother

Samrat Basu

I love Jammu & Kashmir

Gourav Sharma

crown of india#cool#beautiful vally#lot of love to you kashmir


I love Kashmiris Frist then Kashmir..u too love nation


Jannat hain ye jahaan ki,ammanat hai bhagwaan ki ,yon hii nahi kehte isse waddi e kashmir.LOV KASHMIR

Ravi goyal

Kashmir... A paradise.... Pride of India... As a proud Indian, as a human being, I am always there for Kashmir..Love Kashmir.. Jai Hind..#DilSeKashmir

Phanidhar Krishna

Kashmir is the Taj of India and heart of Indians


I Love Kashmir And I want to live in Kashmir Love you kashmir


i love kashmiri's people and the beauties of kashmir my kashmiri's brothers and sisters we all in togather i love you

Ajay Kumar mandal

Lots n Lots of love to the mesmerizing Kashmir and all the pure n loving kashmiris!! wish the bestest for the heaven on earth. love u all my kashmiris


I love kashmir

Sourabh sirothiya

I love Kashmir


I love Kashmir, it is one of India's best location, n a heaven on earth.

Digvijay Bhavsar

Love to my Kashmiri brothers and sisters and blessings for peace, good heath and prosperity always in our beloved Kashmir

Neha Pradhan

I love you Kashmir my and my India

Suresh Aanjna

Lots of love to all the people living in the heaven of the earth. A smile on your face creates crores of smiles over all the Indians. Keep smiling. :)

Sanatana Maharana

Lots of love and blessings from your brother from Hyderabad. Planning a visit in a year or two and restore the land as it was before. A paradise!


Kashmir need no love from hypocrites... Hindutva filthy followers.. where democracy is an example of tyranny by majority,where lynchers are free..

sheikh Muzaffar

Love u All Kashmir...

Sunil R Kamath

My home , a piece of heaven ( let't be plz ) ❤️

Javeed Shah

Really good initiative. I love Kashmir

Smailee Jasrotia

I love Kashmir


Agar Jannat barroya zameen ast Hamee ast Hamee ast Hamee ast. Muoon KASHMIR - SAB SAY ACCHA

Farooq Ashai

kashmir is crown & soul of india

vaibhav Kaul

Kashmir - The heaven of INDIA.

Devesh Raval

Love loads dear Kashmir. Limitless love.


We all love Kashmir. Jai hind #dil se Kashmir.

Ushree debnath

Love u kashmir and wishing happiness and prosperity for every kashmiri

Sunil Gandhi

India is unimaginable without Kashmir and our Kashmiri people :)


With love and pride we see Kashmiri sisters & brothers reach pinnacle of glory in education, social, career and sports

Biswajit Roy

Kashmir is like a crown of our nation. As we know without a crown the king is not a king so as India without Kashmir is unimaginable. #LoveForKashmir

ayush sharma

I love my motherland "Mauj Kasheer"


I love Kashmiris

Girija Reddy

Thank all friends

My ashraf

Dil de dua karke tari khar mangte ha khuda se. K tu slamt rahe a kashmir. K tari bnaho mia so kar zmana buhl jane ko ji cahta hia


Lots of love and best wishes

Aruna Dasandi

I Love Kashmir

Siddharth Budhalakoti

I Love Kashmir

Siddharth Budhalakoti

Oh Kashmir, we love you. You will always remain dear to us. May Peace, Tolerance and Understanding flow out of Kashmir and spread throughout our land!

Santosh Clare

I love kashmir

Pawan bansal

I love you Kashmir &I love you India


Maharashtra loves you Kashmir... You are present in our heart.....


You're my heart and you're my soul.#love u all Kashmiri.

Nitish kumar

I love kashmere I love people of kashmere Ilove my India

Upendra Singh

We love Kashmir and Kashmiri people


Na hum kabhi zooda the na hum kabhi zooda honey.Yeh Dil tumahara ashiq hai doston.

Shyam Maroo

Na hum kabhi zooda the na hum kabhi zooda honey.Yeh Dil tumahara ashiq hai doston.

Shyam Maroo

Kashmir is natural beuty given by God. Every indian love Kashmir

Kishorkumar Jayantilal Jethwa

Kashmir is natural beuty given by God. Every indian love Kashmir

Kishorkumar Jayantilal Jethwa

I love kashmir .... Hindustan ki shan....

Padmavati associates

I love kashmir .... Hindustan ki shan....

Padmavati associates

I love my Kashmir

Rajendra Kumar Sharma



#dil se kasmir.... always have soft corner in my heart for our brother and sister in kasmir

swati soni

Hello people of Kashmir we are with you always. Bad days will be over soon and we'll have great summers together with whole India. Love u all.

Trishita Jaluthria

Bhaiyo aàp log swarg me rahate ho kashmir ko swarg bana do

Dr mahesh patel

We love you Kashmir

Usha Shah

We love you Kashmir

Usha Shah

My heartfelt Love to brothers & sisters of Kashmir. Be Happy & peaceful by the grace of Lord

Prabhakara R

Love you my brothers and sisters of kashmir!We share the same joy and loss as you people do:)

shubham from MH

Haven on Earth - LOVE U KASMIR

Gaurav Mishra

i love my kasmir {india}

Nitesh kumar

Kashmir Apple Beauty Beauty of India KASHMIR


Every kashmiri is our sister and brothers like other state are already indepedent like us not a slave.we and you both are you


I Love my Kashmir

Mubashir Rasheed

We Love Kashmir. We proud of our kashmir. We are sending A lots of love for our kashmir. Kashimr is our part family


We Love Kashmir. We proud of our kashmir. We are sending A lots of love for our kashmir. Kashimr is our part family


May God bless you my very own people.I always wish for your wellbeing.


May God bless you my very own people.I always wish for your wellbeing.


gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin asto


Your reputation for being loving and courteous people has reached my ears too. Thank you Kashmir for being beautiful people, despite the odds.


gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin asto


We love Kashmir ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Kashmir is our forehead "Tilak" so we proud our Kashmir & People

Gopal poddar

Kashmir was ,is , and will always be the crown of India!!! Jai Hind!!!

Hema Gautham

Kashmir we need you !


We all love u n with u in this trying time ...u all r part of this great nation and will always remain so ...luv all

Dr Pratibha Mane



I love Kashmir... The heaven on earth....

Manish kumar

I love Kashmir... The heaven on earth....

Manish kumar

Its Jammu and Kashmir Not Kashmir only


Yeh hai Kashmir....meri jaan! Love from the maximum city!


#DilSeKashmir Forever

Gaurav Sobti

Kashmir! We love you and respect you for what you have faced till now!

Apoorv Rao

Wanna see heaven on the earth..... it's Kashmir. Love u Kashmir

Ashok Monga

Wanna see heaven on the earth..... it's Kashmir. Love u Kashmir

Ashok Monga

Stay one stay all...valley of beautiful nature ...together you al make it a beautiful place....

Vikash agarwal

Stay one stay all...valley of beautiful nature ...together you al make it a beautiful place....

Vikash agarwal

Love You Kashmir & Love you india.since loving india that always starts with the head of India.and kashmir is head of India

Mihir Upadhyay

Kashmir is the pride of nation..we love you Kashmir!!


Stay happy to the people of Kashmir

Rishav Agrawal

Meri Jaan Kashmir


I love our Kashmir.. I love all the brothers & sisters of Kashmir


I love our Kashmir.. I love all the brothers & sisters of Kashmir


Bhart mata ki jai

Nilesh kumar

I love kasmir, It's heaven on the earth :)


Zannat on earth. Hamara KASHMIR

Nirdosh Kumar Sharma

अपना कशमीर अपना मान ये है हमारे भारत की शान

दीपक खत्री

I Love KAshmir


beautiful.. loved seeing Kashmir


love you Kashmir

dharamdevi maharaj

I wish to visit Kashmir to embrace the beauty of Nature May this dream come true God bless the innocent people there

Nirupma Tuteja

Kashmir the Pearl of India

Chak Gadde

I love Kashmir

Kushal das sahu

I love a lot my beloved brothers and Sisters living in kashmir. Would love to come meet and give a house hug and share tons of love.


Love u kashmir


I Love Kashmir and its purity

Neha Kesharkar

Wishing all the Kashmiris all the best Best think is that they believe in kashmiriat Stay happy and whole nation is with you all God bless

G D Singh

Dil se kashmir


We visited Kashmir in year 2007. And, we realized why people refer it as "Jannat". Natives were simple and caring. Let the Jannat prevail thro peace.

Hrishikesh Mainkar

Dil of India Kashmir

Ashok Sain

Dil se Kashmir


Kashmir my hurt and my dream city

Sourabh sirothiya

We love kashmir...:)

Vinay Gangwar

Kashmir - Heaven On Earth #DilSeKashmir

Vinay Pawar

I love

Sayon Chakraborty

Crowning beauty of the World #DilseKashmir

Shilpa Patel

We all love you Kashmir and the Kashmiris. You are an indispensible part of India


This is my home away from home i miss u my kashmir

Mohammd Rafiq

We love our Kashmir.


I like kashmir

heenu Gupta

Love Kashmir and people from Kashmir...Dilse...Would like to visit Kashmir again...

Jay Shah

My home land. Heaven on earth, crown of india. We love kashmir

Manmeet Nehru

I Love Kashmir And Kashmiris

Amit Joshi

Kashmir rocks , our very own Switzerland

Sashwat Arun

I love kashmir

Raza Babu

I love kashmir


Kashmir bharat ka sar (head) hai. Hindustan ki shan hai.

Padmavati associates

Love you Kashmir! I have a dream to enjoy your natural Beauty!!!!

Kiran B. Patel

V love u & love Kashmir. This is the one & only true Jannat on Mother Earth


V love u & love Kashmir. This is the one & only true Jannat on Mother Earth


kashmir..hamari jan hi...Odisha


kashmir..hamari jan hi...Odisha


We love our brothers and sisters of kashmir 'an intigrated part of our country INDIA.

Amar jit singh sethi

Watan Aman ka phir ho jaaye , yeh apna Kashmir!

Rita kaul

Haastay Raho Khiltay Raho, Hamara Kashmir

Pradeep Mukherji

Hamara kashmir dharti pe ek SWARG.

Amar jit singh sethi

Love you, Kashmir


I love my INDIA

Sunny deo kumar

Proud that kashmir is part of our country. I love Kashmir.


My love and respect to all my fellow Indians in Kashmir

Sumit Roy

We love Kashmir

Venkateshwar Rao

The Paradise on Earth. Need to respect the dignity and history of such amazing place. And give them whatever they deserve


I love Kashmir....

RS Shekhawat

I am a kashmiri & I love my Kashmir very much

sofi aadil

I Love

Sami Khan

Love u Kasmir

Amrita Dutta

Nice video......


I with you any time Ok

Inder udasi

Bharat Mata Ka mukut Kashmir hai.Vandemataram

Ramesh Kumar Tripathi

I love Kashmir and indians

ranjith babu shaik

Lots of Love❤ #DilSeKashmir

Anjali Samant



I love the simplicity of people of Kasmir which is as beautiful as the Natural beauty of Kashmir. kEEP SMILING PEOPLE OF kASHMIR. kASHMIR IS INDIA


I love kashmir...


I love India & also Kashmir.. Jai hind

Yatish kushwah

Dil se kashmir

Arabinda Mishra

Kashmir ham are desh ki Jannat. Heaven on earth



Rahul Manjhi

Very proud to be among millions of Patriots of this rich traditional country, B H A R A T

Sambasiva Sastry V

I love Kashmir I love Kashmir beauty Thanks

Rajesh Latawa

Kashmir is pride of India. We love our state, our Kashmiri language and all rituals. Panun kashir

Sushma Bhat

We love the Kashmiris who live in Jannat

Roshan Rassiwala

Heaven on Earth... Save KASHMIR

Kapil Thakur

Mai dil se Kashmir ko prem karta hu

Nk Mishra

Dil se aur Mann se no one can encash kashmir

Shirly rose varma

Love prevail in all your hearts and enjoy the hewn on earth gifted by God


Kashmir is like a heaven

nilesh pandey

We love our Kashmir and our people

Babita Deepak tikoo



I love you


We love our Kashmir and our people

Babita Deepak tikoo

Very nice .pleasant


India ka dil Kashmir,without dil cannot live.

Kamlesh vinod

I love kashmir.l love my india.


This is an amazing idea. Wish this initiative all the success


I love my Kashmir Kashmir is My Dream place

Suresh Dabbikar

Enchanting and mesmerising as Kashmir is. A beautiful film on Kashmir. We love Kashmir


My Kashmir land of love,beauty&peace.praud for me.

Dhananjay Singh

I love kashmir

Rupinder kaur

We love Indians from any part whether from Kashmir to kanykumari

Ram Bhagchandani

I love Kashmir and the beautiful people..

Manish Vyas

काश्मीर मेरी जान है, मेरा दिल है; भारत का अभिन्न अंग है।


Seek peace and heal, dear Kashmir!


I love Kashmir

Venkatesh Bharadwaj

We are Indian ..I love my country.. jai hind.

Amitava barua

I love my whole india


We love our Kashmir, bhart ki aan baan or Shaan hai kashmir . Hame naaj hai ki hamare pass dharti ka swarg hai. Bharat ka ek eham hissa hai KASHMIR.

Hemant pareek

I love all my sisters & brothers of Kashmir.


Almighty Allah SUT will help you Always.......

Haji Dr Gulammahmad Ibrhim Vahora Retd Veterinary surgeon


SUSHIL kumar


Pratik kolapkar

East or west kashmir is best

Rasmi ranjan

You are the part of our heart and we don't let you down

Ganesh singh bhati

Love u Kashmir.....

Deena Gohil

Our crown and pride ... this Jannat called Kashmir . To the angels of Jannat. We love you.

Suguna Kapur

Kashmir is a truly heaven on the earth when I see Kashmir it's wondered me while Amarnath yatra



Kirnalli Suresh

We love you like our own you are one of us so why fight and waste time and energy

Lopita Chaudhuri

I love kshmiry brothers and sisters we always with you

Hidayathulla khan

Kashmir, no wobder, right on top, coz it's the Crown of India!

Sanjeev Shukla

We r always with our Kashmir and the people of Kashmir.May prosper our Kashmir by Day N Night. Love Kashmir.

Sunder Lal Jain

We all love you from the core of our hearts.God bless you all.

Anil kumar

Great kashmir our kasmir

Neeraj yadav

We all love our kashmiris brother sister

Sanjiv bhatia

Bharat ki jaan hamara kashmir yaar

Jagtar singh

Kashmir always remains in our hearts and is a pride of all Indians.

Arun Anand

Lots of love to our own Kashmir


Amazing love on wonderful evening from the bottom of heart.

Sanjay Bagav

Dunia key swarg ko slam. Ager swarg hai to bes yaian hai


Love kashmir


I love Kashmir

Jeetu Patel

Wish we bring back the beauty and love that is Kashmir once more.


Kashmir hamare jaan hai , hamaari shaan hai!

Sharat sarangi

Dil se Kashmir

Shashi Sharma

Proud to a Kashmiri Pandit......hence I love my Kashmir. No doubt it is a paradise on earth. Kashmir is India that is great of this country

Dr.Kuldeep Pandita

kashmir is the heaven of my india


Great kashmir

Pawan yadav

Love ❤ you Kashmir. Getting ready for revisit after 45 years. Memory still fresh.

gautam mazumdar

Dilse kashmir! We love the songs dance and serene beauty !

Gayatri M Oketi

I love Kashmir

Kanhaiya lal Jangid

Dil see Kashmir Love Kashmir valley

Rashesh Bhatt



I love kashmir

Satish jarad

I love this beautiful place of the earth. I can proudly say that I am with all of you . DIL SE KASHMIR

Biju Kumar Kokkattu



India is known for its ‘Unity in diversity’ and is a land, which is rich in culture and heritage.

Shailendra Kumar Shail

I love my India, I love my kashmir.

Sunil Yadav

Hello My Dear Brothers and Sisters Love you all! Let's make India as a better place to live.

Nilesh Rajput

Kashmir hamara hai to sabhi kashmiri bhi hamare huye. Love Kashmir and Kashmir.

P V Chavan

Mera lovely kashmir

manish kumar

Kashmir hamara h dil se

Aarti kabotra

Kashmir swarg he

Pankaj gupta

I love a Kashmir with Hindu pandits living peacefully with muslim! A kashmir free from caste barriers.

Prashant Mani Tripathi

I love Kashmir.....& Kashmiryat

Jigar Patel

I have spent 10 years of my life in Kashmir during 1970-80. The warmth and love seen be back

Vinod Prakash Kapoor

Loads of Love for my brothers n sisters of Kashmir

Pankaj Patil

I love Kashmir Dil se

Sushanta Kumar Das

We love Kashmir


I love so much My Kashmir And It was like a part or my Heart and I can't Live without Kashmir...

Sudhanshu Raj

Love our Kashmir

Pradeep Kumar

Wish peace prevails in the valley n our children there have fear free education

Surinder Kumar bhat

Love u kashmir

laxman m choudhary

I love kashmir


mera india mera kashmir

mahadev kamble

My life incompolite whithout Kashmir loving so much proudly say JAI HIND

Shahid Ali

Love for Kashmiri brothers and sisters

Ramkishore Prasad

I love to Kashmir ,we want to peace in Kashmir ,Kashmir is a Shan of Hindustan.every Hindustani love to Kashmir.we are proud of Kashmir.

Rakesh K Garg

Agar dharti pe knhi swarg h to ynhi h ynhi h


I love kashmir (kashmir)

Nuzhat Ishfaq

Jai hind jai Kashmir

Azad kumar

Kashmir and Kashmiris are beautiful let's make it heavens for all like earlier days.I love Kashmir I love India. Jai Hind.

VK Sharma

भारती जय विजय करे। कश्मीर हमारी शान है

C M Dixit



The most beautiful people on earth, from outside & within !

Pradeep Sinha

Dil se we love kashmir

Rajesh Gupta

I love Kashmir

Saurabh Garg

"Har Hindustaani ki jaan Kashmir"

MJ Ramesh

I love Kashmir

Tabish Raza

incredible heaven on the earth. DIL SE.. Lots of love Kashmir

Bhavana chaudhary

Dil se kashmir

Santanu kumar

I luv Kashmir

Vijay Vishnoi

I love Kashmir

Sandeep verma

Dil se Kashmir



Ravinder Reddy


Ravinder Reddy

It's a great momants

Rakesh Kumar

DIL se Kashmir we love our Kashmir friends & we love our beautiful Kashmir also

O P Popli

We spent a few days in J&K a few years back. Everyone we met was so warm. The hospitality was great. It really touched our hearts.

Aadesh Goyal