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The Amazing People Of Kashmir

The story of Nusrat Jahan Ara

The story of Nusrat Jahan Ara

Inspired by scores of Kashmiri women to break free from the routine household chores to secure pensioned government jobs and thrive in the field of business, Nusrat Jahan Ara began her own business of personal care and home products. From body butter to soaps and jams, all her products are locally available and cultivated by farmers from Kashmir. The brand revolves around the unique concept of using natural Kashmiri produce like Saffron, Almond, Cherry, Walnut, Apple, Olive, Apricot and other active botanical ingredients including aromatic oils to conjure organic eatables and beauty products. Nusrat has her own in-house team of dedicated scientists who with their deep knowledge and passion develop their own range of products locally and bring the magic of Jammu & Kashmir to people all over the world.